* 12. Setting up AmiTCP 3.0b2  - Let the games begin!               *
*                                                                   *

The first thing to do is to un-lha AmiTCP-bin-30b2.lha

Then create a directory for it (the installer does not make one).

Now run Install_AmiTCP

OK now when you get to 'Enter the host name of your computer (not
including domain):' accept the default amiga1.

Enter the domain part of your host name:
in my case it's netcom.com again (the last 2, like above) 

Now pick Store to ENV(ARC):

Give aliases to your computer amiga1.netcom.com......
Just Proceed (unless you want one or two)

Select a SANA-II device driver. Select the rhsliped you set up

Select unit number for the Devs:Networks/rhslip.device: 
Select 0 (if that is what serial port you are using)

IP address for the interface Devs:Networks/rhslip.device/0
You wrote this down right....

Give the destination address for the Devs:Networks/rhslip.device/0
Here you need the IP for the machine you are calling....
*Most* of the time it's the Gateway IP, enter this here..
from what TIA -address printed out for you.......

Netmask of network on interface Devs:Networks/rhslip.device/0

Next you will be asked if this is correct (make sure and press

Now you will be asked if you wish to set up another device 
press Proceed for NO/Proceed.

Enter the IP address of the default gateway:
what TIA -address printed out for you.......

Give domain names (one at a time) to search.
this is in the /etc/resolv.conf file on your unix machine,
you have them written down :)
IN my case it was:  localhost.netcom.com

To stop inputing domain name enter a blank (null) and press
proceed. 'Give an empty string'

Enter the IP address of the name servers (one at a time).
The name servers will be searched in the given order.

On my setup I only have 1 machine to add.

To stop inputing name servers enter a blank (null) and press
proceed. 'Give an empty string'

Then you will be asked if you want AmiTCP to be started every
time you start your computer... NO

Next the install will ask if you want to add a few lines to the
"s:user-startup script ", say yes......

Then if you want Inetd to be started with AmiTCP.. say yes....

OK install done