* 13. Setting up AmiTCP 3.0b2  - Fixing the startnet                *
*                                                                   *

When they 'released' the 3.0b2 they made some changes to the way
things are handled in the AmiTCP:bin/startnet file, BUT thay have not
updated the Installer yet.... (very soon !!)

Here is my starnet ......
(the comments *NOTE*, won't be there!)

run AmiTCP:AmiTCP
WaitForPort AMITCP

; configure loop-back device
AmiTCP:bin/ifconfig lo0 
                    ^^^-NOTE 'lo/0' has changes to lo0

; Configure Devs:Networks/rhslip.device unit 0
AmiTCP:bin/ifconfig slip0 inet netmask
                    ^^^^^^^^^^-NOTE 'Devs:Networks/rhslip.device unit 0'
                               has changes to slip0 inet

; Add route to this host
AmiTCP:bin/route -v add amiga1.netcom.com localhost
; Add route to the default gateway
AmiTCP:bin/route -v add default
                 ^^NOTE-I added these to print-out errors
                          if anything went wrong!

Assign TCP: Exists > NIL:
IF Warn
  Mount TCP: from AmiTCP:devs/Inet-Mountlist

LOOK AT THE NOTE changes.... there are a total of 4
the: lo/0  --> lo0 
     Devs:Networks/rhslip.device unit 0 --> slip0 inet
     And (2 times) -v

Ok now that's fixed, edit the file: AmiTCP:db/interfaces

This is where you tell AmiTCP what networking hardware is available 
AND where to find the driver for it.......

find the line      : slip dev=devs:networks/slip.device 
and change it to   : slip dev=devs:networks/rhslip.device 

OK all done....... Oh.. If you want to use the script to shutdown
AmiTCP (stopnet) copy the file rexxc:rx to AmiTCP:bin
This seems to make it work!

That should be it..... Time to reboot!

If this set up does not work the files that you might need to change
are:  AmiTCP:bin/startnet